Omega VRT350 Review – Vertical Low Speed Juicer

Omega VRT350 Review

None can pass their every single day, in the kitchen without their most important tool to successfully deal with the kitchen stuff that is the juicer. Whether you make a juice of any fruit or vegetable or just need to grind for making spices, a juicer, which has all these features, is really important.

So one needs to understand which product to be brought and what to look in products that will help and assist you to meet the needs of your kitchen desks and make its best use for the said purpose.

Coming to the point, that is the role of juicer in dealing with everyday kitchen life is really important.

Without a good juicer, that gets your job done easily, your life will be painstakingly hard as you will face a lot of problems such: the auger might be of low quality, meaning that it will break down easily, the structure of the juicer might seem beautiful but the material, of which it is made of maybe poor and later resulting in breakage.

So you really need to be careful while buying juicers for your kitchen.

I am currently working as an investment banker in a renowned firm, so I really get a little time for my household chores as a single mother.

When I get back home, I only get 1.30-2 hours of time to make ready dinner for me along with 2 children and my parents living with me in my apartment.

Trust that’s a load of work. So, for all these reasons I rely on products that would actually make my job done in a more efficient way.

Juicers make these jobs much easier, as some juicers would allow you to do juicing along with grinding and extruding pasta. So, if you have a juicer that would make your job much easier.

Now the main and the foremost thing you need to consider buying a juicer is whether the juicer you’re buying is actually worth the money and is the juicer a branded one? Now, I would suggest you go for the branded ones though they are a bit pricey.

The sole reason behind this little is that the cheaper ones may seem like you to give you a better facility with a lesser amount of money but ultimately they don’t as you will find their guarantee scheme faulty, customer service poorly managed and what not.

Ultimately this part will toil you enough just because they are not from a renowned brand.

Keeping all this in mind, the Omega vrt350 review would be narrated by me. It is a heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger low-Speed Juicer, which is a very unique juicer in today’s market.

Firstly, I will give a short introduction and will go for the tons of good sides that this product has (pros) and sides which may manipulate you to not buy this product (joking!!) and then I will give you the final feedback on this product.

Description of Omega VRT350 Juicer

Well the product, that we have in our hand is the Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low-Speed Juicer which is a vertical juicer having some of the most unique features to give you the best possible yield.

It is a masticating juicer with dual-stage technology for keeping the juice fresh and yield juice that can prevent degradation 72 hours. Moreover, it has a speed of 80rpm for which it is termed as a slow speed juicer where most of the products in the market are around 1000-1500rpm.

This slower speed might make the prospective customers think that slower speed will not yield more juice at a lesser amount of time, which is in fact not true. Moreover, it has an auto cleaning system and a compact base.

The Good Sides of Omega vrt350 juicer

Well, in one word, this product is really economical within the price limit as it has some distinct features. The pros of this product are mentioned below:

  • Firstly, a vertical structure! This feature totally gives you a whole glimpse of the product. This makes the juicing very easy and convenient. The vertical shaped dual-stage system juicing material makes juicing very much easy and yields a higher amount of juice.
  • Secondly, the cleaning system is very good. This one is one of the very few products, I have come across which has such a cleaning system, as it can be cleaned with just taking the chute off the juicer. So this is personal recommendation my side that if you that type of person who thinks cleaning is a very big problem the juicers, then go for it!
  • Thirdly, the mobility of this product. The size of this juicer makes it easy for carrying. This compact juicer is in a size, which can more or less fit in anywhere, either in your camping bag or just the party you throw at your backyard.

The Bad Part of Omega VRT350 Juicer

  • This juicer, like other juicers, this has a very similar issue, that is the heat up the problem. It gets heated up frequently, though I have faced the problem at best four times.
  • The vertical size is quite cool and trendy along with the productivity but it accommodates the little amount of food in it, for which it takes a bit more time while dealing with a larger amount of fruits and vegetables.
  • The auger, in this juicer, is made of ordinary blades, which after several times of use starts getting rusted. In order to prevent you need frequently dry up the juicer otherwise, it might cost you some more money to get it repaired.


Well, juicers are heaven for those, who love to have fresh juice but it might cost them a nightmare if you buy the wrong one. As the description is given above about the juicer, one might jump in to buy it but in the latter part, I have given the ins and outs of the product in a more precise manner which will help the buyers to buy this or avoid buying this product. If you have read this Omega vrt350 review given by me I believe that you definitely will go for it.

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Breville BJE510XL Review – Fountain MultiSpeed 900 Watt

Breville BJE510XL Review

I drink juice all the time so I wanted a juicer that was suitable for heavy juicers. I researched juicers for months and the Breville BJE510XL was my choice for the best juicer on the market. The juice extractor met my strict requirements for a practical, heavy-duty household appliance.

I wanted everything — nutritional benefits of a masticating juicer, speed, and versatility of a centrifugal juicer and easy cleanup feature.

I liked the idea of consuming super healthy foods but I didn’t want to devote 30 minutes of my time for a glass of juice.

I didn’t think that it was worth it to wake up earlier for juice.

So I sacrificed a little bit of the nutrition for the speed, ease, and cleanup.

First of all, just out of the box, this is one beautiful looking juicer, which sounds strange to say, but when you see it, you’ll understand. It has a very high-tech, classy look to it. The variable rpm settings from 1 to 5 depending on what you’re juicing give you the most yield for what you want to juice.

Clean up is VERY easy if you have a sink full of soapy water ready just after you juice. All you really have to do is rinse out 4 or 5 parts in soapy water and they come clean instantly. The mesh basket comes clean easily with the brush provided with your juicer.

I do have a dishwasher and understand the parts are all top-shelf dishwasher safe, but I use my juicer twice a day, every day and it’s easier for me to just wash & rinse in the sink. Reassembling it is just as quick and easy.


  • Measures 16-4/5 by 15-1/2 by 10-1/4 inches with a one-year limited warranty.
  • This 900-watt juice extractor comes with 5 speeds juicing system.
  • Motor speeds range from 6500 rpm for softer produce to 12500 rpm for maximum extraction from denser foods.
  • Big 3-inch circular feed tube makes it simple to process all vegetables and fruits and is set directly over the center of the cutting disc for better balance and consistent results.
  • It also gives a stainless-steel micromesh filter and cutters, engineering-grade polymers, a backlit control panel, and dishwasher-safe parts for rapid cleanup.
  • Accessories include 1-liter juice jug and froth separator, a detachable spout, and a cleaning brush.

You can get this juice extractor now at a lower price!

I recently started making juice from scratch using the Breville ikon 900-w and was pleasurably surprised by the ease and power of this product. The Breville is very easy to use from removing it out of the box to making your first refreshing glass of juice.

I researched a few other juicers before purchasing the Breville and after using the Breville I can understand some of the critiques of the other juicers — for example, I saw the Jack Lalanne juicer in a store and the reviews stated it was too large, trust me, it is. Also, I would strongly recommend you know what you would like to juice.

The Breville is great for juicing solid vegetables and fruits like carrots and apples but if you are going to do mainly soft fruits (oranges and grapes) I would go with a blender rather than a juice extractor like the Breville. However, if you need a juice extractor the Breville has the power (very important), ease, and style.

The Breville 900-w is very easy to clean. I make a pitcher of carrot, apple and sometimes pear juice in the morning and it takes me approx 15 minutes from start to clean up for a full pitcher. The hardest thing to clean is the grinder screen that separates the juice from the fruit or vegetable.

Lastly, the Breville is very cool looking like a kitchen appliance. Its sleek silver design will go well with your other appliances and has the wow factor. My juice extractor costs around $180 plus $5 for shipping and handling. I thought this was more than a fair price for what you get. I live in Chicago and it was delivered in two days. After reading  Breville BJE510XL Review you will satisfy surely I hope.

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Breville JE98XL Review – Fountain Plus 850 Watt

Breville JE98XL review

Before buying my Breville JE98XL I’ve never owned a juicer machine. Initially, I was overwhelmed by all of the choices but I finally managed to find a great electric juicer machine that meets my requirements, which are simple to use, efficient, easy to clean and within the range of my budget.

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I compared different brands of juice extractor across this price range and now I believe this machine is worth my investment.

I use it at least twice daily. This juicer makes the juicing of fruits and vegetables easy and fast.

I’m very happy with my purchase and I love this juicer.

This is a fantastic Juicer. I have been researching juicers for a while. I decided on this one but was disappointed when Bed Bath & Beyond was out with no known shipment date of them returning. So asked for advice on ones they had and decided on the Cuisinart Juice Extractor.

It does juice ok, but the blade shakes quite a bit and even though it has duel from extractors it was still foamy. Clean up is a bit harder than ones I have used in the past.

Once they had the Breville, I bought it and returned the Cuisinart. The Breville juice extractor is so much more powerful and produces more juice, plus it is easier to clean! I’m a happy juicing now thanks to Breville!

Here are some of The Features of The Breville je98xl

  • Simple to operate, countertop juicing machine with a 3-inch feeder chute
  • The 850-watt dual-speed motor; high speed for hard fruits and vegetables and low speed for soft vegetables and fruits
  • The powerful motor stainless-steel cutting disc rapidly extract the juices from different kinds of food; it can make 8 ounces of juice from whole apples within five seconds.
  • A large-capacity pulp collector captures the maximum amount of pulp, seeds, and skin
  • Features safety locking arm, overload protection LED, to protect the motor and dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Accessories include 1-liter juice jug with a froth separator, a stainless steel filter basket, and a cleaning brush for the filter basket
  • Measures 13-1/5 by 16-1/2 by 18-1/5 inches and carries a one-year limited warranty

You can get this juice extractor now at a much lower price!

As a first time juicer, I fell in love with the $200 and up juicer because I wanted to get the most out of my produce when I juiced it. And, this Juicer was the one I targeted!

This juicer is big. It fits on the counter, but is very tall, and won’t fit under standard sized cabinets on the counter. But it’s attractive. The casing is smoke-colored, and the pulp container isn’t see-through.

This juicer really does make short work of apples and larger items with its large chute. It juices very quickly. The High and Low-speed setting is really nice, and it switched easily between the two for constant juicing.

It’s also remarkably quiet. I expected it to have a very intense Jet Engine noise but it did not. The noise level was very reasonable, and it did not much as flinch on the counter when I turned it on.

The cleanup is very easy. It’s simply designed, everything locks and unlocks really easily, and no crazy nooks and crannies to scrub.

You can expect to spend no longer than 5 minutes from start to finish cleaning this thing by hand. The parts are dishwasher safe if you want to wash it with dishwasher or handwashing takes too long for you.

This machine is a bargain for what it does — great bang for the buck. It does the same as the more expensive ones while blowing the doors off of the slightly less expensive ones it can be compared to. Simply put, buy this one.

Youtube credit Matt Pacheco