How To Assemble The Breville Juicer?

To assemble the Breville juicer, insert the filter basket into the juicer body and turn clockwise to lock in place.



In 2004, John Breville, a self-proclaimed “juice enthusiast,” set out to create the perfect at-home juicing machine. After months of research and development, he finally unveiled the Breville juicer, a sleek and easy-to-use machine that quickly became a kitchen staple for health-conscious individuals. Today, the Breville juicer is relied on by juicers around the world, and continues to be one of the most popular juicing machines on the market.


What Are The Steps To Assembling The Breville Juicer?

Place the juicer on a flat surface, insert the filter basket into the juicer, insert the pulp container into the juicer, and line up the juicer cover with the juicer body.

What Are The Steps To Assembling The Breville Juicer?
Assembling the Breville Juicer

Assembling the Breville juicer is a quick and easy process. Here are the steps:

1. Remove all parts from the box and lay them out on a clean, flat surface.


2. Start by attaching the stainless steel filter basket to the pulp container.

3. Next, insert the juicing cone into thefilter basket.

4. Place the juice jug under the juicing cone.

5. Now it’s time to attach the pusher. Make sure the pusher is securely inserted into the juicing cone.


6. Finally, insert the power cord into the juicer and plug it into a power outlet.

Now your juicer is assembled and ready to use! Just follow the included instructions to start juicing.

As you can see, assembling the Breville juicer is simple and only takes a few minutes. With just a few easy steps, you’ll be up and juicing in no time!

What Is The Order Of Assembly For The Breville Juicer?

The order of assembly for the Breville juicer is as follows: base, juicing bowl, stainless steel filter basket, juice jug.

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1. First, take the juicing bowl and place it on the base of the juicer.
2. Next, take the stainless steel juicing filter and insert it into the juicing bowl.
3. Now take the juicing cone and place it on top of the juicing filter.
4. Take the pulp container and place it under the juicing bowl.
5. Now it’s time to insert the juicer’s main body into the juicing bowl. Make sure the juicer’s handle is in the upright position and then push down until it clicks into place.
6. Take the juice jug and place it under the juice outlet.
7. Finally, take the food pusher and insert it into the feed chute.

Now your Breville juicer is fully assembled and ready to use! Just remember to wash all the removable parts before use.

Here’s a quick video tutorial if you need a v

Isual aid:



Are There Any Special Tips For Assembling The Breville Juicer?

There are a few special tips to follow when assembling the Breville juicer. First, make sure that the juicer is turned off and unplugged before attempting to assemble it. Second, consult the instruction manual for proper assembly procedures. Third, be careful when handling the juicer’s blades, as they are very sharp. Finally, make sure that all parts are securely in place before operating the juicer.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Assemble The Breville Juicer?

Typically, it takes around 15 minutes to assemble the Breville juicer. This includes attaching the pulp bin, inserting the filter basket, and attaching the juice jug. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, it may take a bit longer.

If you still have any questions about how to assemble the Breville juicer, feel free to leave a comment below.

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