Is an Immersion Blender Worth it? | Easiest Tool, to Make Life Better

Make a rational decision. Is an immersion blender worth it? With the limited benefits buying immersion blenders are somehow a tough decision to make.

Easiest Tool, to Make Life Better: Is Immersion Blender worth It?

Convenience is the factor that everyone is looking for, either in a job, traveling or cooking. It is because every individual is extremely busy somehow with technology. People buy different equipment for convenience and quick performance. This article will guide you, “is an immersion blender worth it or not.”

Yes! An immersion blender is a shining example of the convenience you are looking for. It has different names; you can call either hand blender or stick blender; both are connotations for an immersion blender.

You might wonder why you need an immersion blender. Here are various reasons for having a blender, providing you effective results at such time. Moreover, it saves time for your busy routine.

Comparing Countertop Blender with an Immersion Blender

The purpose of technology is to provide ease to people. Many people have been using a countertop blender for years. If we ask them to replace their old blender with a new one without providing an immersion blender’s benefits, it is impossible.

Blending with an old countertop blender is messier and time-consuming than an immersion blender. When working with an old blending technique, you need to blend in batches. However, a stick blender can be used in any open container and saves your precious time.

7 Reasons Why Immersion Blender is worth it

On comparing a countertop blender with an immersion blender, we can say an immersion blender is far better than an old blender.

Let’s begin with the features of an Immersion blender!

First of all, you can directly blend the mixture in the pot; you don’t need to bother about transferring from and into the blender. Furthermore, if you love to bake, you can quickly whip cream to make your favorite dessert!

1) Efficient Working for Mini Tasks:

An immersion blender helps you make dips, pesto, whipped cream, scrambled eggs, mayonnaise, whipping up smoothies, milkshakes, and also immersion blender for soap making is a perfect tool if you wanna have a lovely soap at home.

But, if you want an Immersion blender for significant tasks, you should think again -due to the limited efficiency.

2) Immersion Blender; Not for Hard Foods:

When you make something with hard food such as; carrots, kale, nuts, and seeds, it doesn’t give effective results. The blades are not suitable for hard foods to blend to a smooth paste.

The hard food items are chopped as grated, but you can get the smooth texture with the immersion blender’s blade.

3) Not Much Powerful than a Reliable Countertop:

A powerful immersion Blender is highly reliable than an ordinary blender, but a lighter immersion blender is not as effective as a powerful Countertop blender.

You cannot use it constantly as its motor gets overheated. So, you have to wait for a while, then start blending again. Sometimes, it becomes time-consuming when you need something swift.

4) Restricted Chopping Ability of Immersion Blender:

As we have explained earlier, an Immersion blender doesn’t provide excellent chopping for hard foods. The chopping ability of an immersion blender is restricted due to smaller blades.

Therefore, these small blades don’t provide perfect blending for some food products, and it looks like Grated.

5) Vessel Selection is Important For immersion Blender:

Vessel selection is a significant benefit as well as a demerit. The right vessel will provide the right results; otherwise, you may suffer a loss with the outcome!

Being a demerit is; if the pot is not large enough, it will make splashes of the mixture.

Let’s take an example of delicious home-made mayo. If the pot is not wider than the blender’s head, it will not give the best recipe

6) Reduced Stability of Immersion Blender:

Is immersion blender worth it? No, it isn’t due to less stability than a countertop blender. It is evident that stationary equipment is more stable than in hand.

Suppose you are using an immersion blender for blending a gravy. When you press the button on, its stability will reduce and may create a mess all around. But if you do the same with a countertop blender, the mixture will be blended perfectly without splashing here and there.

7) Immersion Blender has Safety Risks:

 If the equipment is not safe to use, then it is worthless. Therefore, an immersion blender has some safety risks. It is named the most dangerous equipment in the kitchen.

Instances clarify better! Suppose a user is working with an Immersion blender; she forgets to switch it off and start cleaning it. Definitely!! She would hurt herself badly.

3 Points: Keep in Mind When Buying an Immersion Blender

Immersion Blender is worth buying or not depends on the features it has!

1) Immersion Blender’s Handle and Grip:

Another vital tip to keep in mind while having an immersion blender is; handle and its grip. If the grip is not convenient, it will disturb you. For this purpose, you need to check the grip in your hand.

2) Compact Design:

If you have decided to buy an immersion blender, think about its compact design. The design plays an essential role in placing it in the kitchen drawer.

3) Additional Tools with Immersion Blender:

Rational buying is when you get something additional with the primary equipment. Similarly, do consider the additional tools with an immersion blender.


The complete article is about “Is an immersion blender worth it?” the answer may vary from user to user depending on the blender’s quality.

If you are investing in a high-quality blender, then it is the right choice for buying. But, if you are spending an amount on low-quality equipment, it is not worth buying.

Once you have decided to buy an immersion blender, make the right investment to keep the points mentioned above in mind to get quick performance.

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